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We are looking to recruit Freight Forwarders in Marseille, France

Now hiring Freight Forwarders in Marseille

TMFOP’s Freight Forwarders are based in Marseille, in the Provence-Alpes Côte-d’Azur region of France, and are specialised in the organisation of road transport for palletised goods. As a Freight Forwarding company, we deal with both national and international road freight forwarding operations, and must rise to the logistical challenges posed by our shipping company customers’ warehouses and factories. he meticulousness with which we transport our customers’ freight by road is paramount if we are to guarantee the security of their supply chain. To this end, we require any Freight Forwarders we hire to follow our internal guidelines.

Our ambition for the future of road transport freight forwarding

Our goal is to offer optimised and eco-friendly road transport for the e-commerce, retail, and mass market product sectors.

Our methodology applied to road transport freight forwarding

We bring together thousands of European carriers with irregular flows and trucks running with empty trailers, to offer them higher volumes and more stability.

We hire experienced Freight Forwarders

Certain mindsets and skills that can only be acquired through experience are required of our Freight Forwarders. Freight Forwarders who work with road hauliers absolutely must be able to handle a heavy workload and know how to organise their time. The greater the number of transport operations, the more Freight Forwarders will have to utilise their sense of rigour and determination to prioritise certain tasks and ensure compliance with their customers’ transport plans. Freight Forwarders must also be familiar with their network of road freight carriers and be able to allocate batches based on the trucks and trailers made available by each of its partners. TMFOP’s Freight Forwarders are required to comply with French and European road transport legislation. As import and export we operate freight flows between the various Euro area countries. Our Freight Forwarders must therefore be fluent in English and have a good grasp of transport-related terminology to be able to charter our transport partners, who are all of different nationalities.

Transport process automation

To carry out our freight forwarding operations, we rely on the expertise of our Marseille-based Freight Forwarders, but also on innovative software such as our next-generation Transport Management System (TMS), which is connected to several digital interfaces that allow Freight Forwarders to geolocate trucks and follow their routes. Applying these digital solutions to road freight transport allows our Freight Forwarders to focus on their key organisational, coordination, and negotiation skills. Freight Forwarders can use the software and digital solutions at their disposal to orchestrate their customers’ supply chains for both their FTL and LTL transport needs. Thanks to the consolidation of Freight Forwarders’ expertise and the automation of certain tasks, we can ensure that trucks arrive on time for loading and unloading and that delivery deadlines are met. Customers can thus better predict changes in their inventories, but also anticipate the handling required for their loading and unloading operations. We know that customers need supply chain visibility on logistics sites so they can organise preparation, packaging, unpacking, and labelling operations for their packages and pallets. Now more than ever, customers need a freight Forwarding partner who is able to secure the shipment, delivery, and distribution of their pallets, from the warehouse to the recipient, supported by the expertise of the Freight Forwarders in charge.

Our expectations about our Freight Forwarder

Our Freight Forwarders are well aware of the challenges often faced by truck drivers in their everyday regional, national, and international transport activities. Freight Forwarders can thankfully rely on a service control team to monitor and check trucks’ and trailers’ licence plates, routes taken, traffic on major roads, vehicle documents, and consignment notes (CMR). Our road hauliers’ drivers work alongside our operational team of Freight Forwarders based in Marseille.

We expect any prospective Freight Forwarders who wish to join us to be dynamic, flexible, observant, attentive, and to demonstrate a keen sense of business acumen. TMFOP’s work ethos is built around strong values that we all share. Our working environment is new, modern, and stimulates innovation and creativity. This environment does however imply a great sense of personal commitment from our Freight Forwarders.

Join us

It is obviously simpler for candidates based in Marseille to apply here, but we would also be more than happy to welcome Freight Forwarders from other French regions who wish to move to Marseille to be closer to the French Riviera and enjoy our pleasant working environment. Our offices are surrounded by greenery, and several shops and amenities – including a gym, restaurants, a hairdressing salon, a bank, and even a nursery – are mere minutes away.