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Transporting your palletised goods by truck

Find out more about how we transport your palletised goods in France and in Europe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

transport plan

Phase 1

Analysing your transport plan

We identify your transportation needs :

  • Number of loading and unloading sites
  • Site loading and unloading times
  • Number of annual transport operations
  • Type of goods
  • Number, height, length, and weight of pallets
  • Seasonality of volumes transported
  • Transportation in FTL or LTL
  • Regular or variable frequency

Adapting to all your needs and ambitions

select carrier

Phase 2

Selecting the right carriers for you

We continuously source regional, national, and European carriers. This allows us to scour the market for you, and thus offer you the best solution.

Qualified and competitive carriers at the ready

Our network is the fruit of all our hard and time-intensive labour. It is the result of several years spent rigorously selecting only the most qualified subcontractors. We check that they comply with deadlines and safety measures on a daily basis.

offer road truck transport

Phase 3

Building a robust and scalable offer

Once we have selected the carriers best suited to your needs, we set about drawing up a solid and reliable offer to secure the transportation of your pallets in France and Europe.

An efficient transportation budget that makes for a flexible solution

We remain as flexible as possible, in order to adapt to potential variations in your volumes.

pallet transport europe

Phase 4

Operational use and everyday operations

Delivering your goods on time, every time

This operational phase allows us to actively implement all the transportation services we have planned together. Your main contact person will remain the same all year round to ensure this crucial phase runs smoothly; this is important because this step is directly linked to the satisfaction of your own end customers. We can quickly adapt to urgent situations and adjust the truck volume to accommodate your needs.

géolocalisation de marchandise

Phase 5

Coordination, verifications, and geolocation

Our solution combines our teams’ expertise with next-generation transport software and a geolocation application designed by our own IT developers.

Digital dexterity and technical know-how

Our people-oriented technology enables us to be especially efficient and handle greater volumes. It also allows us to easily monitor compliance with deadlines and acknowledge the main hubs in your supply chain, thus improving the solutions we can offer you.

optimisation of the transport supply chain

Phase 6

Performance monitoring

Optimising your supply chain

In this final step, we monitor our performance and share our findings with our customers during business reviews. To do so, we put performance indicators in place to check that the forecast budget is not exceeded, that deadlines are indeed observed, and that the trucks that we send to you comply with your specifications.

Ask our experts for advice on how to optimise your supply chain.