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Organising road transport across France and Europe

TMFOP is a freight forwarder that combines its expertise in road freight transport with new digital solutions to achieve better operational efficiency.

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Strength in numbers

TMFOP relies on a group that brings together more than 600 collaborators across 200,000m2 of logistics platforms in France and Belgium. This environment provides organisational and financial stability that has allowed TMFOP to rapidly expand its business within the road transport market for palletised goods in France and Europe.

Sécuriser, optimiser et décarboner le transport routier

TMFOP signifie « Transport Managed For Our Partners ». Nous sécurisons les supply chains des grands donneurs d’ordres. Au quotidien, nous planifions, contrôlons et administrons un très grand nombre de flux routiers dans des secteurs comme l’e-commerce, la distribution ou les produits de grande consommation.

An innovative transport solution

Beyond operational performance, which is a prime objective, traceability and real-time monitoring have become major challenges when it comes to organising transport operations. TMFOP relies on its teams’ expertise and on technology developed in-house to face these challenges head-on.

Our commitments

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Nous sommes vigilants sur la qualité tant au niveau des prestations que des processus organisationnels internes pour assurer un niveau élevé d’exigence. Nous sommes ISO 9001.

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We can promptly handle increases in volume, but also scale down our offer if necessary. The number of transport services available is managed and adapted according to your needs.



We assist with our customers’ daily challenges as quickly as possible, providing maximum comfort and saving them time. Our aim is to help our customers focus on their primary activities.

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The environment

By supporting our carriers with energy-efficient driving practices, and employing shared transport solutions whereby we avoid unladen journeys and empty returns, we actively reduce our carbon footprint.

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Safety and Security

We provide constant support, conform with our customers’ specifications, and comply with even the most rigorous standards.

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TMFOP and the BPI public investment bank network

TMFOP is a member of both the “BPI Excellence” public investment bank network (4000 French companies) and the “BPI Accélérateur National 2020” Booster Campaign in France (25 French mid-sized companies)